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Don’t just listen to us. Here’s what people say about Cemetery Management Solutions.


Jeff Hodes has been and continues to be a valuable asset to our organization. He brings fresh ideas to the table. Jeff has been instrumental in the development of new gardens, long range planning, and staff organization including the development of job descriptions, and pre need training.

Jeff comes to meetings prepared with an agenda and is very good at keeping projects moving…

Angela M. Byrum
General Manager
Williamsburg Memorial Park

Cemetery Management Solutions was instrumental in hiring and training a superintendent while training the maintenance staff to embrace new systems and procedures.

The investment to employ Jeff was more than compensated for by cost savings and increased profitability.

Tom Roberts
The Homewood Cemetery

Jeff was hired to evaluate the effectiveness of our family services department and to implement his recommendations. In addition to fulfilling this primary assignment, Jeff was instrumental in providing pertinent information related to options for natural burial, improving the efficiency of our maintenance operations and other matters related to cemetery management.

His overall knowledge and abilities are among the best I have encountered in over 40 years as a cemetery professional.

Mark A. Christian, CCCEE
Executive Director
Catholic Cemeteries, Inc.

For our project, starting a new green cemetery in Western Pennsylvania, we needed help in creating our vision while tackling the practical realities of cemetery management.

Jeff did both and kept us moving forward.

Pete McQuillin
Land Conservation Cemeteries LLC