Green / Natural Burial

Natural burial questions are being asked by all stakeholders around the cemetery and funeral industry. Cemetery Management Solutions (CMS) will help you examine the questions and offer answers that will help you make educated decisions for the future.

There are those who see a few acres of land and think about what it would be like to get on the natural burial bandwagon. CMS has helped both funeral homes and cemeteries think about their “shade” of or commitment to green. However, its focus is on the cemetery. A natural/green cemetery can NOT solely be about the land. A natural cemetery – after it makes its first burial – is forever. We cannot forget that we have been entrusted with more than just the conservation of the land but the earthly remains of someone loved and now lost.

Cemeteries are not hobbies and the green cemetery is not the exception.  Yes we want to provide an environment that is quiet and reflective – but we also must be certain it is safe. Furthermore, we must ensure that the loved one’s interment site can be located for the visitor.

The issue of “Greenwashing” continues to surface. We can call the cemetery “green”,  but one needs to be sure the public and, most importantly, the person who is pre-planning or planning for an up- coming service, knows what level of commitment is intended for the cemetery. If they trust us, what can they expect?

CMS has trained funeral directors in their role of offering options to families so they can choose a service that will be most meaningful to them.

What CMS will do to help your company decide if a natural cemetery is a feasible plan, will be to guide you through your goals for this development: Help you facilitate your design. Work with your business team, asking the right questions, eliciting participation, resolving difficult issues, such as business and ecology, and generally help you through the obstacles, so as you decide to move forward, your chance of success will be greatly improved. 

CMS will also help you develop the cemetery’s long range plan for maintenance and preservation costs that will be associated with your cemetery’s development and future care.

As John F. Llewellyn, CEO of Forest Lawn Memorial Gardens,CA said in his book, “Cemeteries just do not go away when they fail. They become eyesores, nuisances or financial burdens to their communities.”

Every cemetery is entrusted with more than just the conservation of the land, but also the integrity of the earthly remains of someone once loved and now lost. In its work with cemeteries and funeral homes, CMS has been instrumental in helping businesses think strategically about options and future direction.