Training and Staff Development


Cemetery boards are often comprised of local and well-known business community leaders who have little understanding of the cemetery industry. An educated cemetery board member can become a partner in the success to deliver on the mission it stands behind. The commitment to create the right experience for every family is as important to the board as it is to the cemetery staff. Cemetery Management Solutions(CMS) offers board training sessions that will engage and educate those who fill strategic roles in the organization’s governance structure. CMS will help you answer the question, “Is it relevant or meaningful?”

Sessions topics include:

  • Industry Trends
  • Cemetery Legal Requirements
  • New Site Development Options
  • Community Involvement Considerations
  • Market Segment Analysis

CMS also provides customized training sessions of particular interest to a local organization interested in learning more about the industry. Please contact us to discuss your needs and together we can build a session just for you.


Even the most established cemetery family service team can become lackadaisical to the families they serve as well as complacent with their sales. Cemetery Management Solutions (CMS) offers proven techniques to increase a sale’s force energy and educate family service providers about the cemetery’s long term mission commitment resulting in increased sales.

Sessions topics include:

  • Presentation approaches including development and implementation
  • Sales Margins
  • Merchandise Reviews
  • Natural Burial Options
  • Interment Practices
  • Pre-need Considerations

CMS customizes sales training events for every location based on sales force staff size and available programs.  Every session is designed to achieve the cemetery’s goals and objectives while helping the sales team to be successful in the marketplace. What can CMS do for you? Contact us to discuss how we can help.

Every cemetery prides itself on the impression a family has when they visist their location. Commitment to maintaining the grounds, burial sites and customer satisfaction levels lead to increased profitability. Cemetery Management Solutions (CMS) offers an experienced approach to improve practices that will streamline operations.

Sessions topics include:

  • Interment Practice Reviews
  • Blind Check Procedure Training
  • OSHA and Safety Inspections
  • Horticultural Reviews and Assessments
  • Maintenance  Best Practices

CMS will review the procedures in place and make suggestions for improvement. Customized sessions will make a difference to the process and the look of your property. Contact us for more discussion of your needs and how CMS can help.