Established Cemetery Services


The departure of a cemetery executive can be a difficult transition for any organization. Finding the right replacement can take a long time while leaving the cemetery operation with no leadership or management direction. Hiring an interim executive allows the board to begin a thorough review of its strategic direction, a thoughtful approach to identifying future needs and the opportunity to determine the required skills and abilities sought in its next executive.

With more than thirty years in the industry, Cemetery Management Solutions (CMS) provides operational strengths that focus on the immediate vacancy in leadership. You can be assured that the cemetery will operate optimally while the board focuses on finding the best replacement.

CMS provides this service with no intention to be considered for employment, to ensure that neither party faces a conflict at the time of decision. Contact us to talk about your situation.  We can help.


An established organization needs clear policies to ensure administrative consistency. Procedures direct the intended operational outcomes. Having both in place enables the organization to meet the determined goals and objects at the outset.

Services include review and writing of:

  • Interment Right inventory reviews
  • Interment Process
  • Rules and Regulations
  • Employee Manuals
  • Client Family feedback survey
  • Cemetery Policies
  • Pricing

Cemetery Management Solutions has more than 30 year’s experience in writing and reviewing policy and procedure manuals that address all phases of cemetery operations. Contact us to help you review and update your documents.


Every cemetery needs to ensure the safety of its families and its employees. Cemetery Management Solutions (CMS) will do a site inspection of your location. Results will be provided in a report with recommendations for on-site training and training aids provided for your use.

CMS offer these – and more safety – inspections in order to help you be better at what you do everyday:

  • OSHA requirements
  • Crematory inspections
  • Horticultural tool usage
  • Chemical storage and use

Contact CMS to discuss your safety needs. We can help.


The value of a well-maintained cemetery translates into increased family loyalty and respect. Beautiful cemetery trees and plantings ensure a good first impression to new and returning family members.

Cemetery Management Solutions (CMS) brings extensive experience in landscape maintenance.

We provide:

  • Horticultural Staff Training
  • Planting Recomendations
  • Sustainable Site Design
  • Native/Natural Planting Approaches

CMS can help you improve the look of your location with recommendations and suggestions. Contact us for more information and find out what we can do for you.


Trends in the cemetery industry offer new ways to meet the needs of every family. Though not every product or service is right for every location, a new approach to family support can make a difference in your sales and market approach.

Cemetery Management Solutions (CMS) is connected to a diverse supplier community and will make recommendations that can increase your profitability based on your corporate vision.

Have you considered:

  • Natural Burial Options
  • Alternative Property Uses
  • Engaging Volunteer Groups
  • Developing Community Outreach Programs

Contact us to discuss what may be available in your area and how together we can energize your location with new business options.


  1. Identify GOALS AND OBJECTIVES for the new property. Discuss with stakeholders the intended outcome of the project. Without clear goals and objectives, success is difficult to measure.
    Example:  Develop natural burial in an undeveloped area within the cemetery for sales.
  2. Identify AVAILABLE RESOURCES within the organization that can be reallocated to the project without impacting current service levels. Resource inventory should include administrative functions, pricing, current inventory, available equipment and staff.
    Example: The cemetery has available acreage, good soil conditions and a local university interested in native plant species.
  3. Evaluate the new project goal against the DEMOGRAPHICS AND COMPETITION in the area.
  4. Draft a BUSINESS PLAN in partnership with marketing and financial advisors. Include timelines for completion along with how each element meets the stated goals and objectives of the project. Debate and discuss the plan with every stakeholder to ensure consensus and clarity.
  5. When finished, EXECUTE THE PLAN for success, delivery and timely completion.